Friday, February 10, 2012

Excuses excuses (and more gonads and strife)

Wow so I haven't updated since Sunday... that shouldn't happen. 

You know what I always end up realizing.  When I have the most to say, the most going on... that's when I tend to skip a few days.  Sunday after I posted, I ended up at the treatment center because something felt seriously wrong with my arm.  It had been tingly from my shoulder through my fingertips since I woke up that morning (for no reason at all).  Several x-rays later, hello pinched nerve. 

Because of course.  Hello klutzy me.  Only this time was more awesome because I didn't even do anything! 

My arm was in a sling and I was given pain relievers and a muscle relaxer... I was to wear the sling whenever I was not driving and take the muscle relaxer only at night (since I spend half the day in and out of the truck).  Yeah so that sling didn't make it 24 hours on me.  I was in and out of the truck so much Monday morning I gave up halfway through the day.

So let me set the scene.  In addition to the pinched nerve, Al and I also discovered a mouse... in the house.  That only came out at night.  Which lead us to finding a hole in the tile under a kitchen cabinet.  And yet no broken tile pieces on the floor. 

Add that to memories of gonads and strife

Cue Al and I not sleeping.   

Combine that with scrambling to pack and finalize my arrangements for the trip... and yeah.  Time flew by.  I sat down a few times to blog things out in California but each time I did something would come up to sidetrack me.  So here we go.  I'll put it into a few shorter posts here instead of one epic one.  And I'll also let you all know when you can read more at 5 Minutes for Mom.